30 January 2015

Posted by JASON 09:36 2 comments
What really is Food to us?

Some of us always look forward to lunch time. (Emotional needs)
Besides Thoughts, Water and Oxygen, food is one of few items we take in daily. (Energy needs)
We enjoy eating together with family & friends (Bonding needs)
Fish's Omega-3 fatty acid is good for the heart (Health benefits)
Rashes or tiredness experienced from intake of some type of food or obesity from comfort eating (ill effects)

World in its simplest form is each of us a human.
With Food empowering us on all levels- our Emotional, Energy, Bonding needs and w/ health benefits,
We will feel and do better, as a human.

Eating food right would then empower the whole world- Big ministry!


  1. Well said, Jason! Happy feasting & here's wish you a prosperous CNY!