17 March 2016

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Even from the Start (Enrolling & finding more about the tour), Peter took time to answer our queries. From then I have no doubt this would be a great tour. After enrolling, Peter provided comprehensive attachments, making sure how we meet and also wonderful articles & video to refer in advance for better understanding of tour.

It was Cold & Windy, and 3 hrs walking, but yet Peter's Passion and Hospitality ensued all of us were "included" in this excellent history tour. In fact, It was so exciting that this tour felt like a short duration trip. Every Major Stops, We got to experience what was going during that time and still most places look the same.

With all history tours, There would be a period of Tragic time, and amidst all these, Humanity prevails. It is great to hear about the spirit of, helping others, especially the minority and rebuilding this City after the Occupation. Throughout this Tour, We experienced Peter sincerity towards us, Foreigners in this City, coupled with his generous knowledge sharing, this is one of best, if not the best tour we had in Amsterdam.

We highly recommend Peter and this tour. Thank you Peter, It was wonderful meeting you.

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