14 March 2015

Posted by JASON 11:08 2 comments
Rewind back to 2009 Dec, I was in Dalat, Vietnam.
This is the only place I ever felt so relaxed for a holiday overseas.

I will share more of its beauty, time-stopping appeal, and scenic surrounds with awesome cool fresh air shortly after THIS. Now I am thinking, craving for the best Beef noodles I ever ate, and this would be in Dalat (Beef noodles as "Pho" in Vietnam, are very delicious).

It's TOTALLY yummy, no kidding
A stall hidden in market, if not for our guide recommendation, we would not have discovered such wonderful taste. I am looking forward to go back Dalat and obtain this taste again from this stall.

I am very happy to share this superb food experience with you.
Besides food experiences, Dalat offers a real retreat from busyness of life.
Time seems to pass very slowly, and if you are those who need to pack a lot into itinerary, time will stop for you, just to recharge there.

Look no more to Paris, it could be French Alps you thought you are at Dalat (City of Eternal Spring).
Your eyes will feed into the charms of nature- beautiful gardens, lakes and waterfalls.
No wonder a honeymoon hotspot, a place which flows with romantic feel.

Romantic Dining place in a restaurant

The beauty of Dalat and great way of life there, I feel encourages creativity and arts to flourish there.

There is a cafe, besides a beautiful lake with Swans. We took our time to sip very inviting vietnamese coffee , this is pure pleasure, overlooking wonderful surroundings in nice cooling weather. After, we went for a walk around, and ordered beancurd with ginger, this was the best beancurd I ever tasted too.....

Till next time I see you Dalat, I will remember how I felt so relaxed here.


  1. I've been to Vietnam on several occasions but not to Dalat. I'm not a fan of Pho as I don't like the strong smell, but my son loves the noodles. He was in Vietnam the past 2 years, once on school trip to teach English & another on vacation. He stayed for about 2 weeks each. Thanks for introducing us to Dalat! Happy weekend, Jason!

    1. Welcome Shirley! Dalat is quite a magical place, I feel my senses were being relaxed there due to cool weather and beautiful surroundings...haha....oh yes Pho has a strong smell....Btw, does your son also likes the beef there? I am also a beef lover there....That's nice, it must be quite an experience to teach English there.