5 January 2015

Posted by JASON 06:56 2 comments
When our close friend initiated to bring us to Xin Cuisine for birthday celebration,
my first thought (based on the name), could it be Western & Chinese fusion?

On actual day, I discovered It's Chinese Cuisine with a Very relaxing ambience!
The food was very tasty- It would be one of the few places I will host my overseas or local friends to Chinese cuisine in future (Hua Ting, Tien Court, Etc).
Whatever we ordered tasted great! Be it Meat, Vegetable, Soup, Etc!

Just to entice you! lol!

The staff were friendly, provided great service, and a relaxing surrounds for family & friend gathering. One of the few restaurants I felt so relaxed!

We will be back again & again!

Be sure to check out this relaxing place with yummy Chinese cuisine @

Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant

Outram Road, Holiday Inn Atrium, Singapore 169075

Call 6731 7173 to make a reservation



  1. Mmm...... I've not tried this place. Nice sharing, Jason. Just popping by to wish you the best of 2015!

  2. Hey thanks Shirley! Here's Wishing you and your family a wonderful & blessed year ahead! I forgot to share the dishes felt healthy, besides being delicious- I would like to recommend this place to you.