27 September 2014

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"At Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, it's always been about Pleasing People."
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We could not believe our wonderful fate w/ steak, when asked the locals for a recommendation for most valued steak in Orlando. In my mind, I have already decided to go for the most popular steak houses. It was great that we was unable to locate one of those, thus we went to CRACKER BARREL (will always be in our minds as #1 top place to have great fresh steaks!) as recommended. The carpark lots were ample when we drove there, and the external architecture was nice. Once we stepped in, the ambience could not have been better....very positive, welcoming, it feels food lovers was readily welcome there....by the ever friendly waiter/waiteress.....If you ask me....all deserved recognition for their service there...but one stood up....Mr Jason (same first name as me)....provided such excellent hospitality to both my wife and me...that we asked if we could take a photo of him together with us! He gladly agreed! But the main star was the FRESH steak served to both us....Ribeye steak in very generous portion and at a great price! The first bite was like...I needed to close my eyes to experience this as the yummy juicy freshness was slowly melting in my mouth....the fats...was a delight to be enjoyed......Totally heavenly I tell you! If ever need me to recommend just the best place of interest in Orlando (besides Disneyland, seaworld, premium outlets, Etc), Cracker Barrel that was it for me! It accelerated the lovely vibes for our time in Orlando!! And after having our yummy food....we were so full and needed for a takeaway for the leftovers.....Jason offered us a box each even without us having to say so...super! Then we went over to their creative corners with very nice stuff made my wife even super duper happy, and thus me too (x2).

Their freshness cooked in original taste of those steak made my wife (non steak lover) became a super fan of theirs and me too (one of very best steakhouses for me). After just that visit, we went back many times during that one week there in Orlando! To date, we still dream of visiting Cracker Barrel once more at least....anywhere....I will say it's our bucket list.....We really hope to go there again...or at least to their other branches in US......that's how amazing CRACKER BARREL experience was to us! THANK YOU, CRACKER BARREL!!!!! SEE YOU SOON WE HOPE!


  1. Wonderful post! Gosh, I've yet to visit Orlando!

  2. Thanks Shirley! Orlando- Nicest place to be, after home!