9 November 2014

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Nearly missed this, was focusing on other tours offered at Munich Central Station. Somehow it caught our eyes last moment. Good to know they accepted cards on portable handheld machine, we bought two tours- this and Neuschwanstein Castle (an inspiration for Disney castles, will share later)

The tour guide was very knowledgable and able to manage his flock of audiences well. Some traveling required as Dachau concentration camp was about 10 miles northwest of Munich. In case hungry as morning tour, there is a cafe offering reasonable priced food.

On entrance gate, "Work will set you free" (literally in death). Close to now, this camp was setup in March 1933. The first, later as a model for many other concentration camps, by National Socialist (Nazi) government. Initially for political prisoners, then Jehovah's witness, homosexuals, etc, and finally Jews (due to increased persecution). There was a gas chamber but no credible evidence of it being used to murder humans. However a process filtered off those termed as too sick or weak to continue work, and were sent to killings by euthanasia or in firing range and gallows.

Electrified barbed- wire fence

As American forces approached in April 1945, the prisoners was forced to a death march by Germans, who shot any who could not continue. However, in May, American forces liberated those prisoners. 

Heavy hearts after we left- how could we humans be that evil. 


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