15 October 2014

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"Where really dreams come true, and again!”
                        ~Jason Han, Yummy We come!

The first time I went to Disneyland ever, was at Magic Kingdom.....It was so magical even queuing for the trams to the turnstiles....everyone was so hyped up....It was great just by soaking in pre-entrance atmosphere.....once we entered...it was amazing to be greeted by "Where Dreams come true" sign for photo taking.....

So cute the phone! Collect your 1st time Cool visit badges here!

IT was really a dream come true for me to visit disneyland where it is a dream for every kid since young to go there....To my delight, I was also handed a 1st timer badge.....very excellent service, cartoon figures such as Mickey, Minne, Goofy & Etc all came alive there...very vividly still in my memories.......

The shows were amazing too...not the long queues though....tip: fastpass, otherwise try to go during weekday or non holiday. The food though were burgers, ribs, fries....were yummy as well.....I took all the rides, experiences, photos with the cartoon figures all that I could have.....

One last thing You need to do, which is most important, MUST catch the amazing night fireworks!! It was surreal, the best show of a lifetime!

The overall experience in Disneyland, Orlando was wonderful.....so much so that I wish to come here again during my honeymoon. 2 years later I did that, I brought my beautiful wife to this amazing place once again....It was a super experience that my dream come true twice at the same place! Thank you Disney!

Dreams to come true right here w/ Disney, cheers! : 


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