19 October 2014

Posted by JASON 08:43 2 comments

Upon entering, its atmosphere embraces you to feel excitement and culinary delights to come. MEZZA9 was conceptualized by Andreas Stalder- who introduced ‘a la minute’ cooking to Hyatt (food freshly prepared in show kitchens in front of diners) more than 20 years ago. This changed the dining scene, and a common feature today in the industry.

Indeed a Family-Friendly Restaurant as many locals and tourists brought their children along. You would also experienced service of a certain Hyatt style.

MEZZA9 offers a variety of cuisine- chinese, western, japanese & etc. Both times I went, it was enjoyable and the food was yummy! (Try ordering the grill platter)

And one of those things which attracted me to go back and again, would be their effort to organize a group to have happy birthday song re sang in tune of a trendy song.



  1. I dine at Mezza9 once in a while, but I usually go there to pick up cookies & chocolates. The breakfast buffet spread at Hyatt is very good too!

    1. Hi Shirley! Thanks for dropping by, ok after seeing this- I would love to try out their breakfast spread right away, I believe it should be very yummy