12 September 2014

Posted by JASON 19:08 2 comments
Many of us I believe would have fond memories staring or eating a Black Forest cake, not just yummy, and also of its delicious appearance. This cake, a German dessert, named Schwarzwälder kirschtorte after the Black Forest region in southeastern Germany.

Yes! I tried one right in Black Forest:

Also...Black Forest is the home of the Cuckoo Clock. A vast range of Cuckoo Clocks (small, big, hanging, stand, cute, beautiful, creative, different cuckoo sound & Etc.) are sold here and distribute globally.

This is only a few displayed, wait till you experience a forest of them there
In such a chilling weather, these cuckoo shops even do cooking right hot on spot. The delicious smell its.......too unbearable and this was the result haha:

Though the journey is long, its quite satisfying to take busyness off the mind just by enjoying the scenic here.


  1. I'm a sucker for Black Forest Cake too & your post certainly caught my attention! Happy weekend, Jason!

    1. That's nice, me too! Really a delight just to have that.
      Thanks Shirley, Happy weekend as well!